Mold Remediation

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Mold Remediation

Mold can grow on almost any surface where moisture is found and has many causes. Mold grows best in temperatures between 77 and 86 degrees.

However, one thing is certain — it can be hazardous to your health if not removed properly and in a timely manner. If you encounter or even suspect mold growth in your home or business, call Magna Dry Cleaning and Restoration as soon as possible. NYS requires all mold remediation contractors to be certified. We are proud to say Magna Dry Cleaning and Restoration is a Department of Labor Certified Company.

Four Steps of Remediation

1.  Find the mold — Finding mold quickly is critical to limiting its damage. We find the location of the growth and source of moisture and then sample the area to determine toxicity.

2.  Sampling — Air sampling measures air from indoors and outdoors to determine if the mold is affecting its quality. Surface sampling tests a specific object, typically swabbed, taped or dusted. Bulk sampling involves removing materials from the contaminated area, such as pieces of drywall. All sampling needs to be done by a third-party.

3.  Removal and remediation — Depending on severity, sunlight is a common method used. It is a natural provider of heat and thus promotes drying, which stops growth. Ventilation is also critical in remediation. Wall insulation is important for keeping walls dry from rain and snow so mold can’t begin to grow on damp drywall. Household cleaners, especially bleach, help in the beginning stages and stop growth.

4.  Cleanup — Again, depending on severity there are several methods for cleanup. Of course, initial water removal and ventilation are essential. Dry ice blasting applies pressure and extremely cold temperatures to finish remediating mold. It is used the same way as sand blasting, but it minimizes cleanup. HEPA vacuums can be used after the area has been dried and all contamination has been removed.

Some of the Causes of Mold

  • Flooding
  • Leaky roof
  • Poor building maintenance
  • Indoor plumbing problems
  • Poor ventilation
  • Construction using porous materials
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