Raw Sewage Cleanup

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Raw sewage

Raw Sewage Cleanup

What causes sewage damage — and what’s at risk? The most common source of sewage entering a house is from floor drains, shower drains, and toilets backing up. This can be caused by clogged drain lines or even heavy rains. When sewage damage occurs, it is important to avoid contamination as much as possible. The sewage itself and the fumes given off by the substances can be toxic or harmful if contacted.

Sewage is not the only high-contamination situation that can affect a household. Anything having the likelihood of causing discomfort or sickness if consumed by or exposed to humans is considered to be Category 3 water or “black water.” This includes sewage, flood or river water, and water mixed with pesticides or other toxic chemicals, petroleum, or normal water that has remained in a structure a long period of time.

The most important initial step to resolving the damage is to have a certified plumber inspect the plumbing and drain lines to fix the source of the damage. It's not uncommon for backups to continue to occur until the problem has been resolved.

Our Cleaning Process

  • HEPA air scrubbers equipped with activated carbon/nano filters can be used to remove odors and harmful gasses from the air.
  • Porous materials affected by the damage are cut out and removed, including carpet, carpet padding, drywall, and wood paneling.
  • Contents are disposed of or cleaned with an antimicrobial agent, depending on the construction and level of contamination.
  • Structural components are cleaned thoroughly with antimicrobial agents and, if necessary, are sealed to ensure total sanitation.
  • Drying equipment is used to remove excess moisture.

Ensuring Your Health and Safety

The trained mitigation technicians of Magna Dry Cleaning and Restoration handle all contaminated materials with special care while wearing appropriate protective wear. This ensures their safety and prevents cross-contamination to unaffected areas. We are a Category III Certified Cleanup Company.
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